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"A fantastic Lighting Technician and a demon behind a lighting console. Trev is the contact of choice whenever we have an event or a gig."

"TFSL has an excellent work ethic that translates in fantastic end results.  Whether a large project or a single day event. Trevor’s knowledge in lighting, sound and projection is ever present - as is his friendly and helpful attitude..  And northern smile!"


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Boomtown Fair 2019

Nucleus Stage

Role: Lighting Engineer & Rigger


Dan Gritzman,

UCL Institute Of Education


Richard Knowles, General Manager,

STS Touring & Productions


"We don't know what you did, but you made it melt!!... We've never seen anything like that before. You certainly know how to use that lighting desk!"

Pip Jansen, Arcadia Spectacular Afterburner

Burning Man Festival 2016

"They've hit it out of the park and have been nothing but fantastic, they're a good bucnh of people who want to get the job done professionally - what more could I ask for?"

Jim Digby - Production Manager

Linkin Park

One More Light European Tour 2017

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